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Treating Functional Cellular Deficits

RepliCel is a regenerative medicine company focused on developing autologous cell therapies that treat functional cellular deficits including chronic tendinosis, pattern baldness and skin aging.

Initiation of Phase 2 trials are planned for 2014 on RepliCel’s RCT-01 treatment for Achilles tendinosis and RCH-01 treatment for pattern baldness. Shiseido Company, Limited has an exclusive geographic license for RCH-01 in certain Asian countries including Japan, China and South Korea. Both product candidates are based on RepliCel’s innovative technology which utilizes cells isolated from a patient’s own healthy hair follicles to address specific cellular deficits. These products are built on the company’s proprietary manufacturing platforms.

RepliCel is also developing a unique programmable cell injector device designed for dermal injections. In addition to addressing the delivery requirements for RCS-01 and RCH-01, this device should have applications in many current dermatological injection procedures with the added benefit of physician controlled programmable depth and volumes.