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Partnership & Licensing

RepliCel is a company focused on conducting innovative research leading to the development of high-value products for large-market opportunities. Our clinical strengths are in addressing hair, skin and tendon conditions. Our technology strengths are in cell therapy and medical devices.

We work with numerous collaborators to deliver on our research, clinical, manufacturing, regulatory, finance, development, engineering programs. We use partners to take our products to market.

RepliCel is purpose-built to partner with other companies for late-stage product development and commercialization. We look for licensing partners to complement our strengths. Our partners have proven commercial capabilities in our clinical markets (aesthetics and orthopedics).

All four RepliCel products currently in development are fully licensed to partners in Greater China (China, Hongkong, Macau, and Taiwan). Our RCH-01 asset is licensed across all of Asia. We still hold all the commercial rights to our products in the rest of the world outside of Asia.

Current Partnerships: 

MainPointe Pharmaceuticals

In 2021, MainPointe and RepliCel signed a strategic partnership agreement in which MainPointe invested $2,700,000in  RepliCel, committed to managing and funding the FDA approval of the RepliCel DermaPrecise™ Dermal Injector Product Portfolio,  and was granted a limited-term, exclusive distributorship of the DermaPrecise™ products in the United States.

  • Product: DermaPrecise™ dermal injector and consumables 
  • Territory: United States
  • Field: All uses
  • Terms: Over-the-market investment in RepliCel plus paying costs of FDA approval 
  • Status: MainPointe is working with RepliCel and its service providers to produce all the data needed to complete an application to the FDA seeking permission to launch the product line in the U.S. market.

YOFOTO (China) Health Industry Co. Ltd

YOFOTO and RepliCel are co-developing several technologies and will conduct human clinical trials in each of their territories with the goal of commercializing safe and effective treatments for aging/sun-damaged skin and tendon degeneration.

In late 2017, RepliCel and YOFOTO entered into a co-development and licensing agreement in which YOFOTO was granted  an exclusive license in Greater  China to RCS-01, RCT-01 and certain rights to DermaPrecise™ in an investment, co-development, and licensing deal in exchange  for an investment in RepliCel  of ~$8,000,000 (priced at a 20% premium to market price), a commitment to pay all the costs (minimum ~$11,000,000)  related to clinical trials,  regulatory clearances/approvals, manufacturing, clinical studies, sales, marketing, and distribution in their  Territory, and ~$4,500,000 in  milestone payments plus sales royalties.

  • Product: RCS-01, RCT-01, and certain rights to DermaPrecise™
  • Territory: Greater China (China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Macau)
  • Field: Sun-damaged/aging skin and Tendinopathy/Tendinosis
  • Terms: Upfront investment and licensing fee, co-development of the Product in the Territory, milestone payments, and sales royalties
  • Status:
  • YOFOTO has completed building, equipping, staffing, and validating a cell therapy manufacturing facility. It has    entered into a collaboration with local hospitals and is currently validating its manufacturing of RCT-01 and    RCS-01. YOFOTO is currently preparing its submission to the Chinese regulatory agency seeking permission to launch    phase 2 clinical studies of both RCT-01 for tendon regeneration and RCS-01 for skin rejuvenation in China. YOFOTO is    also laying plans for the commercial launch of the DermaPrecise™ dermal injector products in Hong Kong upon registration of    the US or European marketing approval there.

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RepliCel is currently in active discussions with potential partners in Japan to co-develop and commercialize the tendon, skin, and injector technologies. We expect one or more of these to be announced in 2021.

To explore potential collaboration or licensing opportunities, submit your query to or call (604) 248.8730.