Skin Study

RCS-01: Sun-damaged and Aging Skin

In 2017, RepliCel completed a phase 1 human clinical trial of RCS-01 in patients with aging or sun-damaged skin. The study proved the product’s safety and provided very promising indications of the product’s potential efficacy in terms of impacting what we call ‘biomarkers’ in the layer under the skin which keeps it looking young and healthy.

We are currently working with our dermatology advisors to finalize the design of a phase 2 clinical study to evaluate the product’s ability to rejuvenate skin by countering the impact of aging and sun-damage (most notably, fine wrinkles).

We completed a phase 1 trial RCS-01 in 2017 and are laying plans for next-phase studies to be conducted in both China and Japan. If you are interested in signing up to stay informed or to possibly participate in this trial (should it be located near you), please sign up here.

FAQs About RCS-01

In short, we are not yet in a position to adequately predict this. RepliCel recently completed phase 1 human clinical trials of all its products currently in development, including RCS-01.

In most countries, it takes completing at least three phases of clinical trials to obtain approval to market a product. There are some exceptions to this general rule. For instance, Japan has created rules by which certain cell therapies may be commercially launched much faster than is the case in most countries.

We are working with our partners to explore opportunities to bring RCS-01 to market as soon as possible in certain countries. Stay tuned!

Product Pipeline