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RCS-01 is an autologous cell therapy utilizing non-bulbar dermal sheath (NBDS) cells - a type of fibroblast cell - isolated from the hair follicle to repair and regenerate tissue.

Though several cell types are involved in generating and maintaining healthy connective tissue, fibroblasts play a critical role by expressing many types of tissue-building proteins. The NBDS cells which are the focus of RepliCel's patented technologies, are the most prolific generators of collagen (Type 1 and 2) of any fibroblasts found anywhere in the body. These cells are responsible for generating the fast-growing tissue of the hair follicle every time a new follicle is generated as part of its regular cycle.

These cells are isolated from a small tissue sample taken from the back of the patient's scalp and used to grow millions more of these cells which are then reintroduced into areas where tissue has degenerated such as that layer under the skin which thins as we age or damage it due to sun, environmental factors, smoking, etc. The cells are injected to generate new, healthy tissue under the skin to improve its appearance.

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Clinical Phase I Complete


Aging and Sun-Damaged Skin


YOFOTO (in Greater China)

RCS-01 is being developed by RepliCel and YOFOTO in Greater China and by RepliCel elsewhere in the world. Clinical data suggests the product significantly impacts the biological markers related to aging skin and is expected to rejuvenate the tissue layer under the skin which is critical to its youthful appearance.

Clinical Data

RCS-01 Clinical Overview
RCS-01 Clinical Overview

The Phase 1 clinical trial investigating the injection of RCS-01 related to aging and UV-damaged skin demonstrated the product's safety and showed promising signals of the product's potential to rejuvenate the skin's youthful appearance by significantly impacting the biomarkers and levels of type 1 collagen, elastin and other critical extracellular dermal matrix components found in youthful skin.

Skin Trial Study